Creative Services

At FRESH COAST Studios, we understand that even the most sophisticated technology is of little value without clear objectives and carefully crafted messages.

Through our association with The RALPH PABST Co., we develop the script language and design concepts and imagery that will insure your message is effectively delivered, whether your audience is in a conference room, walking the isles of a trade show or browsing your web site.

The emphasis we put on pre-production - concept development, research, scripting, production coordiniation and talent selection - assures our clients achieve the responses they expect from their audiences.

When the time comes to transform these ideas and concepts into electronic media, or implement them at a conference or event, FRESH COAST Studios extensive in-house production capabilities affords us full control over quality, cost and lead time.

Please proceed to contact us for a discussion on how we may help you to realize your film, video and audio production needs.