Film Production - Video Production - Milwaukee Wisconsin

"Video" once meant "video tape" and standard definition SD at best. Today it can be a DVD, a Blu-ray Disc in high definition HD, an element in a multimedia program, streaming on the web, or even a feature film shot in ultra high definition at 4K resolution. Whether your need is Corporate Image, Product Sales, Employee Training, Television Broadcast, or Indy Film, we take your video project very seriously. At FRESH COAST Studios we have the tools and the people to "do the job right".

FRESH COAST offers film-style or multi-camera shooting in DV, BetaCam SP, Digital BetaCam, and High Definition (HD) formats. Of course, the latest Ultra High Definition resolutions of 4K and 5K are supported as a matter of fact.

Count on our expertise in: miniDV, DVCam, DVCPro, Digital 8mm, D1, D2, Digital BetaCam, HDV and high definition HD production in 24p, 720p, 1080p, 1080i, 2K, 4K and 5K.

Experienced Crews
directors, DPs, gaffers, grips, audio recordists and production assistants (PA's)

Broadcast, High Definition and Film Resolution Cameras
  • film-style or multi-camera shooting
  • studio and location production packages
  • DVCam, BetaSP, Digital Beta,
  • Arri Alexa, Sony CineAlta, Canon EOS, RED Epic

2000 sq. ft. Sound Stage
  • large 44’ hard cyc with 45 degree corners
  • blue/green screen, blue/green cyc capability
  • virtual set support and scene library

Audio Recording for Video Production
booms and multi-channel wireless mic packages

Location Lighting and Grip
grip truck and van packages
fluorescent, tungsten and HMI fixtures

Dynamic Camera Support
steadicam, dolly & track, boom, crane